Vera's Hair Studio
Vera's Hair Studio

Cleveland-based hair stylist. Living Proof educator. 


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Raised as a first generation Italian-American and the youngest girl of two brothers, Vera was always styled in the latest and greatest.

“One of my first memories looking back at my childhood was when my mom would take me along during her weekly salon appointments. I would watch as the fashionable hair stylists would move their hands so effortlessly creating beauty. I remember being so tuned into the salon buzz!”

Vera loved being in the salon, and it was obvious when she simply had to have a perm at 11 years old!

When Vera turned 16, she rushed to a nearby Hair Studio, filled out an application and was hired as a receptionist where she worked throughout her high school years. After graduating from high school, Vera attempted “playing by the rules” and attended John Carroll University as an accounting major. Needless to say, it felt terribly wrong and boring. Breaking the mold, she decided to follow her passion by enrolling at Brown Aveda Institute for cosmetology.

Vera’s career began in 2002 when she had many opportunities to grow and evolve into a master of her craft. She believes hairstyling is an art and hair is her canvas. Vera believes in the cohesion of hair coloring, haircutting and hair styling to create the finest, most modern result. She has challenged herself over the years by educating herself alongside celebrity hairstylists, mastering every Vidal Sassoon class that is offered, and traveling both nationally and internationally working on editorials.

In 2016 Vera was welcomed onto the Living Proof North America Creative Team. “Creating beauty is my passion and my plan is to spread that far and wide!”




The Woodhouse in Cherbruke was the perfect vacation home. The service is unparalleled. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!”

Vera Joyce Hair Studio

27849 Chagrin Blvd, Loft 5

Woodmere, OH 44122